A malfunctioning iPad is never fun. We depend on our devices for work, school, and entertainment, so if you live in the Lafayette, LA area or surrounding region and need your iPad fixed, stop by or give us a call today!

We have described various iPad repair services below that apply to the following devices:

  • iPad 1 repair
  • iPad 2 repair
  • iPad 3 repair
  • iPad 4 repair
  • iPad air repair
  • iPad air 2 repair
  • iPad Pro repair
  • iPad mini repair
  • iPad mini 2 repair
  • iPad mini 3 repair
  • iPad mini 4 repair

If you do not see the repair you need below, we are sure that we can help you resolve the problem with a FREE diagnostic! 



Do you have a cracked screen or a digitizer that is not responding correctly? We understand how frustrating that can be which is why we offer fast and efficient repair service on iPad glass. At iPhone Repair 4 Less we can put a brand new glass or digitizer on your iPad, regardless of the model, and we warranty the digitizer and new glass screen with a one year warranty!



The LCD, also known as the Liquid Crystal Display often suffers damage on an iPad. Whether it's broken or cracked, we can fix it in our iPhone Repair 4 Less shop. So, in the unfortunate event that you need a new LCD, bring it into our Lafayette location and we'll get it repaired right. Along with that, your new LCD will come with a one year warranty, and who doesn't want that?



More often than not, the buttons on the iPad do not hold up to long term use. Whether it's the top button for the power, the side for the volume, or the home button, they can be replaced, and at a fairly cheap price too! So, if the buttons on your iPad (whichever model, doesn't matter to us) are malfunctioning, bring it into our shop and we'll get it back to you in no time.



iPad users around the world can relate to each other when it comes to iPad speaker issues. Speaker issues can range from just having a little dirt that's clogged up, to needing an entirely new speaker installed. Either way, we can figure out the problem and get your iPad back to you as soon as possible. If you're having trouble listening on your device, let us help you. Remember, the speaker we install will come with a one year warranty.


Not having any service or wifi is a huge inconvenience, but it's even worse when it's in an area where you should have full bars. If your iPad is experiencing a low signal in an area such as your home, you may need a new antenna. Over the years, we have replaced plenty of antenna's and have a high success rate of restoring service to iPads. If you're experiencing cellular service issues or poor wifi signal on your Apple device, bring it into our iPhone Repair 4 Less shop.


Although they're extremely difficult to get to, iPads do in fact have batteries, and it is not uncommon to have them replaced. Whether you let it lay around the house for too long uncharged, you've overcharged it causing the battery to weaken, or even if you have water damage, there's a good chance the battery will need to be replaced. If that's the case, bring it to us!.


We have always stayed up to date with the latest jailbreak software for all iPads. We study and test each jailbreak on our own devices before we offer it to the public just to make sure your device doesn't run into any issues. Over the past few years, iPad users have fallen in love with their jailbreak, so if you're looking to jailbreak your iPad successfully, bring it to us.

Water Damage

Here at iPhone Repair 4 Less, we have seen it all when it comes to water damage. If your iPad has water damage, DO NOT try to turn it on or plug it into a charger until a technician has removed all the moisture. Once water gets into an iPad it will cause all of the components to begin to corrode, so as soon as your device gets wet, take it to a repair shop like us. We'll strip the iPad down and clean as much of the hardware as we can. Keep in mind, the faster water damage is tended to, the better the chance of a low-cost repair.

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