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Why Choose iPhone Repair 4 Less For iPad Repair in Lafayette

You may be asking yourself if you can trust just anyone to repair your precious devices. We here at iPhone Repair 4 Less in Lafayette La completely understand that concern. Especially after some of the iPhone’s and even iPad’s we have had to repair over the years that have came in from “other” repair shops. We are not here to bash anyone at all, but we have some some horrible work come through our doors. From using scotch tape, super glue and the most common leaving screws missing or in the wrong place when repairing an iPad or iPhone. We want to take a moment in this small blog to tell you how much work and efficiency is poured into every iPad repair we do here.

Over the years we have repaired hundreds of iPad’s at our Lafayette repair shop. We have seen it all from an iPad ran over, dropped in the pool, smashed and bent, and even one we will never understand, an iPad in the washing machine. That one is still confusing to us. No matter what has happened to an individuals iPad we are always very willing and have a genuine desire to not only repair the iPad, but also get it back as close to its original state as possible. Sometimes that includes more than just changing a cracked screen on the iPad. A lot of times this involves pulling dents on the iPad that not only caused the screen to crack in the first place but also keep the new screen from sitting down flush. We use the industries best tools to offer this type of service. There are tools out there that help in this process. One amazing tool for example is the gTool. The gTool is a state of the art product company that offers many different tools to make iPad and other repairs more efficient.

Another thing that stands out to us when repairing iPad’s is not only quality parts but the manner of installation. For example we do not think it is wise to take and iPad apart which is designed by Apple with such quality and efficiency and repair it using anything less than the best parts and adhesives on the market. So if we are changing the glass on an iPad, we always use the best parts available and also install it using the best quality adhesives. (scotch tape or super glue is not one of them)

So if you are ever in the Lafayette Louisiana area and are in the unfortunate situation to need an iPad repair. We would love the opportunity to help. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience and like we said earlier, we value every iPad repair we doe here. Call us anytime with any questions at 337-255-2898 or click here to take a more in depth look at our list of iPad repair services here in Lafayette. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

iPhone Repair 4 Less

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