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Is Your iPhone Battery Slowing You Down?

We are sure you have heard by now about Apple admittedly slowing down certain devices based on the health of the battery. This has caused quite a bit of controversy from many different sides of the conversation. We here at iPhone Repair 4 Less in Lafayette la wanted to just take a moment and help open up this topic as best as we could from our own personal perspectives.

First of all, we want to go ahead and agree 100% that we feel Apple could have handled this a lot better. For example, it would have been just as effective to offer a setting adjustment to give people the choice to either have their device run slower to conserve battery or to just go ahead and get the best performance at the cost of battery life. To understand this thought process we have a little better, let us explain exactly what has been going on with Apple’s software and battery controversy.

When Apple first released IOS 10.2.1 on January 23rd of 2017, many iPhone users noticed immediately that their device was running slower and often times lagging. This was just brushed off by most people that it was perhaps some software issue that would be fixed in the next update. Over time though as more updates came out including the release of IOS 11 on September 19th of 2017, people were still having problems. But, it wasn’t until early December when a Reddit user with screenname Teckfire found out from first-hand experience that when he replaced his iPhone 6s battery it drastically improved the performance of the device.

Once the Reddit users post went somewhat viral many people started changing their batteries at local iPhone repair shops similar to our iPhone Repair store in Lafayette. What once became a slow, lagging almost useless device quickly became alive again with just a simple iPhone battery replacement. We would like to point out that in the newer iPhone IOS under the battery settings feature, Apple has introduced a self-diagnosing tool, allowing you to simply take a look to see if your battery is running poorly.


Unfortunately, even if your iPhone doesn’t show that your battery needs service in the settings, you could still be experiencing slow down because of an older battery. So really the only way to know for sure is by either having an experienced iPhone technician run a diagnostic (iPhone Repair 4 Less always offers free diagnostics) or by having the battery replaced and see if your performance is better.


One of the many reasons this subject has gained so much traction in the media is because people have always argued that Apple deliberately slows down older devices to get consumers to buy newer models. We are not here to argue if that is true or not. We just want to help people understand this particular issue with the iPhone battery causing software performance issues that could, in turn, make people feel like they need a new iPhone. We have personally experienced quite an uptick in battery replacement requests and repairs at our iPhone Repair 4 Less location in Lafayette and many of our customers are reporting increased performance after replacing the iPhone battery.


So again we do feel Apple could have handled this better. Even though they have released somewhat of an apology you can read HERE and have even offered a very discounted battery repair program you can read more HERE. Many people are very upset that Apple has slowed down devices without letting the consumer know. With that being said, would you personally rather have a slower device so your battery lasted longer? Or would you want your device to run the way it is intended at all times regardless of battery life even if that meant randomly shutting off at times? Thanks for reading about iPhone Battery Issues and thanks to the Lafayette and surrounding communities for always supporting what we do.


If you are one of the people who is experiencing performance issues and you feel that your iPhone battery could be the culprit, we want to invite you to our store at 431 E Pont Des Mouton Rd Lafayette la 70507 for a free diagnostic service. We ALWAYS keep batteries in stock for all iPhones and offer a quick and convenient repair option for any iPhone issue. We offer the following battery replacement services,

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