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iPhone Wifi – Bluetooth and GPS Issues

Here at iPhone Repair 4 Less in Lafayette we have seen an influx of Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS iPhone issues over the past few months. The main one we see in particular is the iPhone 6 with GPS and Bluetooth problems. Apple has not officially addressed the concerns of consumers about these issues and we assume it is because most of the iPhone 6 models experiencing GPS problems are well outside the 1 year warranty time frame.


Here are a few symptoms of the GPS – Bluetooth antenna flex cable being weak and not able to carry a signal like before.

Location services not properly recognizing where you are.

Apple Maps not able to give proper directions from current location.

Bluetooth Connectivity very weak and usually requires very close proximity to work at all.

Bluetooth does not work at all


There could be other symptoms that make it quite noticeable that your GPS antenna is going out on your iPhone but these are definitely the most common. We have thankfully, been very successful in doing the repair of most iPhones with the GPS issues. We are not always able to repair this particular iPhone problem but the great news is, we never charge to try. We have always offered free diagnostics on all devices.


So if you are starting to become frustrated with the performance of your IOS device because of a GPS or Bluetooth issues, please come by anytime and let a professional technician at our local iPhone repair shop take a look. We do more than just repair cracked iPhone screens and change out bad batteries. We can fix just about anything that may come up on your iPhone, iPad, and computer.


Here’s a couple of links to other places that have talked about the GPS issues on the iPhone 6.

Apple Support Page



Thanks from all of us here at iPhone Repair 4 Less.

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