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Here at iPhone Repair 4 Less in Lafayette Louisiana we like to occasionally take a moment to update our customers on our latest iPhone Screen Repair Prices!  Also, it is important to remember that due to part pricing and new iPhones being released, prices are always changing. We do our best to have the cheapest iPhone repairs in Lafayette without compromising quality. We never want to risk our iPhone repair reputation for an inferior product that may make a better profit. Since day 1 we have been all about customer service and helping our community stay up to date and connected with their mobile devices. 


With the recent release of the iPhone 8 and the upcoming pre-order of the iPhone X, many people have been taking advantage of repairing the older devices for trade in purposes. Most of the major Cellular providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile offer trade-in value for older devices to help with the cost of a newer model phone. For example, right now Verizon is offering $140 of trade-in value if you bring in your iPhone 6 that is in great condition. Unfortunately, if it has a cracked screen then there is no trade-in value. That is where we come in!

We currently have an option for our customers to get their devices back up and running at a lower rate specifically for trading it in. The new screen price for a regular iPhone 6 is $100 plus tax and all of our new iPhone screen repairs come with a 1-year warranty and a free tempered glass. If you are looking to save money on your iPhone repair we have used screens for most iPhone models and they are considerably cheaper. Like the regular iPhone 6 screen repair is $70 plus tax for a used screens. Our used iPhone screens always have NO CRACKS and are usually scratch free. We always do our best to fully test each used screen to make sure it is up to our standard of quality assurance.


So whether you are looking for a quality iPhone repair here in Lafayette Louisiana so that you can keep your iPhone running another year or two. Or if you need to get that iPhone working for a trade-in towards the newest model iPhone. We are always here and always willing to help. Most repairs are done in under 30 minutes in a clean and comfortable environment. We would love the opportunity to serve your iPhone repair needs. We also offer computer repair, iPad repair and have a huge selection of accessories for most iPhones. Come by today!



iPhone 4 repair price with a new screen is $55 

iPhone 5 repair price with a new screen is $80 with a used iPhone 5 screen is $50

iPhone 5c repair price with a new screen is $80 with a used iPhone 5c screen $50

iPhone 5s repair price with a new screen is $80 with a used iPhone 5s screen $50

iPhone SE repair price with a new screen is $80 with a used iPhone  SE screen $50

iPhone 6 repair price with a new screen is $100 with a used iPhone 6 screen $70

iPhone 6 plus repair price with a new screen is $110 with a used iPhone 6 plus  screen $80

iPhone 6s repair price with a new screen is $110 with a used iPhone 6s screen $80

iPhone 6s plus repair price with a new screen is $130 with a used iPhone 6s plus screen $100

iPhone 7 repair price with a new screen is $135 with a used iPhone 7 screen $100

iPhone 7 plus repair price with a new screen is $160 with a used iPhone 7 Plus screen $120


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